Below you’ll find our license fees for churches. Just call 1-888-771-2854 and let us know your church size. We can license you immediately—right over the phone. Once we verify your information, we’ll provide a license number and your coverage will begin.

You’ll find a detailed listing of producers for the Family Values Package by viewing the Producer List. (Prices in CA Dollars).

Category Church Size Family Values Package
A & AH 1-99 $100.00
B 100-199 $135.00
C 200-499 $225.00
D & Up 500 & Up $285.00

Church size based on regular attendance at the main service(s). If multiple services, use combined attendance.


Pricing for Other Ministry Organizations

If you represent a school, conference center, childcare center, camp—or you are interested in a multiple use license in association with your church or overall ministry—please call 1-888-771-2854 for fee information with detailed information regarding your situation.